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Rate increase Notice - To be Effective 02/01/2022

Telephone Rates:

For select customers only, where LocalTel utilizes a resell method of service, the monthly cost of said lines and features will be increasing. This is due to the underlying carrier raising their rates to LocalTel.

For most customers using fiber or VOIP services, rates will not change.

Please review your account with the LocalTel customer service staff to find ways to reduce your monthly charges.

Service Fees:

These fees have been increased to the following:

TV Activation Fee: $15.00

Residential VoiceMail Activation Fee: $11.00

Move Service Fee - Residential: $16.00

Vacation Single-Service Order: $14.00

Vacation Multi-Service Order: $26.00

Additional Residential Cable Runs: $55.00

Internet reactivation Fee: $15.00

Television Reactivation Fee: $15.00

Return Check or ACH: $21.00

Credit Card Denial of Funds: $18.00

Paper Statement Processing Fee: $3.00

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Beginning February 1st, new LocalTel TV rates will take effect.

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